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What is the Continuous Carbonization Process?

In the field of industrial production, the continuous carbonization process is an important method for transforming materials. It is a thermochemical process that involves the targeted treatment of materials through a series of controlled heating steps. The main goal of the process is to achieve high carbonization yields and consistent quality while minimizing energy consumption.

With the continuous development and updating of technological equipment, in addition to its application in charcoal production, continuous carbonization furnaces can also be used to carbonize and remove paint from cans and recycle aluminum capacitors, waste wires and other metals.

In the continuous carbonization process, the material is fed into the carbonization reactor, which usually takes the form of a rotary kiln. The combustion system heats the kiln to temperatures of 400-600°C, producing hot gases that pass through the biomass material. When the material is heated, volatile compounds such as water, hydrogen and carbon dioxide are released, and the remaining char is carbonized. The combustion of volatile compounds produces thermal energy, which is used to maintain the temperature within the kiln.

Carbonization paint removal process

One of the essential features of the continuous carbonization process is the efficient recovery and utilization of the volatile compounds released during the process. These volatile compounds can be burned in the secondary combustion chamber to produce steam or other forms of energy. In some cases, volatile compounds can be condensed and collected as valuable by-products.

After the carbonization process is completed, the material is cooled and discharged from the kiln. The cooling process is crucial because it helps prevent the charcoal from releasing volatile compounds that could ignite and cause an explosion. Cooling can be achieved by a variety of methods, such as water quenching, natural air cooling or the use of cooling jackets.

The continuous carbonization process offers several advantages over traditional intermittent carbonization methods. On the one hand, it can be more efficient, have stable quality, and have minimal impact on the environment. The process also generates energy using the volatile compounds released during carbonization, thereby reducing the overall energy consumption of the production facility.

SUNY GROUP has rich experience and technical equipment in continuous carbonization furnaces, and has applied them in many fields to help customers solve carbonization recovery solutions for different materials. Although the principles are the same, because the materials are different, there are differences in the carbonization process. There will also be changes in . If you are interested in continuous carbonization furnaces, or want to learn about related recycling technologies and equipment, you can contact us at any time for consultation.

Products Shredder Equipment

Fiberglass Cutter Machine

The fiberglass cutter machine is a versatile tool capable of efficiently chopping a wide range of materials such as glass fiber waste, cotton yarn, discarded clothing, cotton, chemical fiber, linen, leather, plastic film, paper, fabric, textiles, non-woven fabrics, and more. Its cutting capabilities extend to various types of materials, allowing for effective processing and waste reduction. It is an ideal equipment for the production of electrostatic flocking,non-woven fabrics, blankets, rayon, insulation materials,rubber products, paint additives, wall clothing manufacturing.




The device has the advantages of reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, strong capability and convenient maintenance, and has good shearing effect.This product can cut fiber tow, open wire and chaotic wire.



Model ZYS-600
Cutting Length 1-150mm
Cutting Width 600mm
Balde Raise Heigh 80mm
Cutting Speed 30-100time/minute
Length Setup PLC
Control Way Cylinder
Roller Pressure Way CNC
Air Pressure 0.6MPA
Voltage 380V 5HZ 3 Phase
Power 7KW
Machine Size 2000*1800*1400mm
Weight 1500


Packing and shipping

Packing and shipping

Copper Wire Recycling Machine Products

Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine

The Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine is designed to strip the insulation from copper wires, allowing for easy separation and recycling of the copper core. It employs mechanical methods to remove the outer sheath or insulation material, leaving behind clean and pure copper wires.


Machine suit different diameter wire,the outer sheath and inner conductor will be stripped by blade when waste cables cross through the middle guide wheel.

raw material


Structure Diagram

This model wire stripping machine is both manually and electricity operated machine.Pushing wire automat- ically,just need hold by labors.

1. The blade adjusting rod is convenient to adjust the blade distance according to the wire diameter.

2. Double stripping path with double knife, made the separation conplete, Scroll design at the outlet avoide the wire damage.

3. There are round holes and square holes of different sizes, which can strip wires with multiple center diameters.

4. National standard motor, belt with protective cover, in line with European standards.


Model ZY-38
Feed diameter: 1mm-38mm
Voltage: 220v
Power: 2.2kw
Weight: 67kg
Size 53*43*85cm
Capacity: 1-300kg
Model ZY-45
Feed diameter: 1mm-45mm
Voltage: 220v
Power: 2.2kw
Weight: 98kg
Size 53*43*85cm
Capacity: 1-600kg
Model ZY-60
Feed diameter: 1mm-60mm
Voltage: 220v
Power: 4kw
Weight: 100kg
Size 62*53*85cm
Capacity: 1-1000kg
Model ZY-70
Feed diameter: 10mm-70mm
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 4kw
Size 46*46*85cm
Capacity: 10-1000kg
Model ZY-120
Feed diameter: 10mm-120mm
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 2.2kw
Size 67*58*110cm
Capacity: 100-2000kg


1. Before working, check the motor's working condition. When start to work, feed the suitable size of cables into machine one by one.

2.In order to keep blades with long-term lifespan and durability, the connector of rubber and plastic cable should be cut off before feeding into to avoid the damage of blades.

3. In case wire broken after stripping, please follow the solutions as below:

①Adjust the tightness of the M12 screws on both sides of the blades shaft.

② Check whether misplaced the feeding holes.

If the stripping blades are new or too sharp, use oilstone to grind a bit. If no grinding with oilstone, there will be no broken any more after a half hour also.

4. After stripping, if rubber or plastic is open but copper wire cannot spit out, please follow the solutions as below:

① If the upper blades is too sharp, grind a bit by oilstone. Note: Too much oil is easy to make wire stuck in the machine.

Check the pressure of spring, if it's too loose, adjust the tightness until the cooper wire can get out.

Check the diameter of cable, if the diameter is too small, or the shaft gap is too wide, adjust the size between two shafts to 0.4-0.6mm.

The temperature of cable after stripping is too high, the copper wire is not easy to get out.

5. After materials get into the machine, cables cannot get through or materials stuck in the machine, please follow the solutions as below:

①Check if the belts are loose or not;

② Check if the spring pressure on each side of the extrusion profile is too tight, loose it if so.

③ Oil on cables is too much to make the two shafts to be easy slip, keep the shafts dry by wiping oil. (Note:take care of your hands by injury if machine is working when wiping).

④ Replace or repair the shafts if the belt cannot transfer materials.


Customer Site


Packing and shipping


Waste solar panel aluminum frame removal equipment

With the rapid development of the solar energy industry, the problem of disposal of used solar cells has become increasingly prominent. The aluminum frame of a solar cell is an important component, and its high-quality recycling and reuse are crucial to the sustainable use of resources. This article will focus on the aluminum frame disassembly equipment for used solar cells and explore its key role in efficiently solving the problem of waste solar cell disposal.

Solar Aluminum panel dismantling

Waste solar cell aluminum frame disassembly equipment:

Automated disassembly machine:

The automated disassembly machine is the core equipment in the disassembly process of used solar cell aluminum frames. It uses advanced mechanical and electronic technology to automatically identify and remove the aluminum frame on the solar panel. This equipment achieves efficient and accurate disassembly through a precise control system, maximizing the integrity of the aluminum frame.

Cutting equipment:

Cutting operations are often required during the disassembly process of used solar cell aluminum frames. Cutting equipment uses high-speed cutting tools, such as saw blades or laser cutters, to quickly and accurately cut aluminum frames to the required size. The precision and efficiency of cutting equipment are crucial for subsequent recycling and reuse.

Sorting and recycling equipment:

The disassembled aluminum frames of used solar cells need to go through a sorting and recycling process in order to reuse them. Sorting equipment uses technologies such as vibrating screens, airflow separators or magnetic separators to effectively separate aluminum frames from other materials. Recycling equipment processes the recycled aluminum frames into new aluminum materials through smelting, regeneration and other methods, which can be used to manufacture new solar panels or other applications.

Advantages of waste solar cell aluminum frame disassembly equipment:

Efficient performance:

The use of automated disassembly machines greatly improves processing efficiency and reduces labor costs and time consumption. The high speed and precision of the cutting equipment ensures high-quality disassembly of the aluminum frame, laying the foundation for subsequent recycling work.

Solar aluminum panel dismantling machine

Solar aluminum panel dismantling machine

Environmentally sustainable:

The waste solar cell aluminum frame disassembly equipment pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable use of resources during the processing process. Through efficient disassembly and recycling processes, large amounts of discarded aluminum frames are reused, reducing the need for virgin aluminum ore, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution.


These devices use advanced safety control systems to ensure the safety of operators. The automated disassembly machine realizes automated operation through sensors and control systems, reducing the risk of manual operation. Cutting equipment is equipped with protective devices and safe operating instructions to ensure the safety of operators and the reliability of equipment.


The waste solar cell aluminum frame disassembly equipment is highly flexible and suitable for different types and sizes of solar cell aluminum frames. Equipment can be adjusted and customized to specific needs to accommodate different manufacturers and different models of solar panels.

Economic benefits:

The efficiency and sustainability of waste solar cell aluminum frame disassembly equipment has brought economic benefits to the company. By efficiently processing and recycling scrap aluminum frames, companies can reduce raw material procurement costs and gain additional revenue streams through resale or reuse.

Waste solar cell aluminum frame disassembly equipment plays a key role in solving the problem of waste solar cell disposal. Its efficient performance, environmental sustainability, safety and flexibility make it ideal for the disposal of used solar cells. As the solar energy industry continues to develop, these advanced equipment will play an increasingly important role in promoting sustainable resource utilization and environmental protection. By using waste solar cell aluminum frame disassembly equipment, we can effectively process waste solar cells, promote the development of a circular economy, and achieve a more sustainable energy industry.

Products Shredder Equipment

Mini Small Double Shaft Shredder Machine

Mini Small Double Shaft Shredder Machine is especially for shredding fabric,waste tires,various solid materials, unmanageable materials, waste plastic, plastic film, plastic pipe, fiber, wood, animal and paper which the normal crusher can not handle. The main body of the equipment is welded with high quality steel plate to eliminate stress treatment/integral machining to ensure the stability of the equipment under heavy load for a long time.


Applicable materials

Applicable materials

Wood, Paper and box, Food waste, Plastic bottle, Metal scrap, Metal bucket, Fabric Plastic.


Different blades

Turbine deceleration



1. Different materials have blades. The blades are dividedinto: one claw, two claws, four claws and multi-claw blades, with thicknesses ranging from 10-80mm.

2. Turbine deceleration. This series of biaxial shredders has the characteristics of low speed, high torque and low noise.

3. Use safety,The computer PLC programming control system can automatically control the start-stop, reversal and automatic reversal control function after overload.

4. According to customer's material and demand, design single claw or multiple claws and blades with different thicknesses.


Our crusher has several models, and the following are the conventional models. For special bar-rels and pipes, we have special customized models. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Model Feed inlet Machine size Weight Power
HN-M180A 300*180mm 1200*600* 1000mm 320kg/340kg 380v4kw
HN-M180B 300*180mm 900* 600*1000mm 350kg 380v5.5kw
HN-M180C 300*180mm 1000*800*1000mm 320kg 380v5.5kw
HN-M280 300*280mm 1400*600* 1000mm 520kg 380V5.5kw*2
HN-M300C 300*300mm 800*1000* 1000mm 430kg 380v 7.5kw
HN-M400A 400*400mm 1200*600* 1200mm 680kg 380v 15kw
HN-M400C 400*400mm 1000*900* 1000mm 780kg 380v 7.5kw
HN-M500 400*500mm 1900*600*1200mm 1200kg 380V 15kw*2
HN-M600 400* 600mm 2200*600*1200mm 1500kg 380V 15kw*2

Our crusher has many models.According to material size anddischarge size.Recommend different equipment models.Please contact us for details.


Q: Can The Shredder Machine Be Used To Shred Different Materials?

A: Yes, we will design the shredder machine for you as per your materials.

Q: How to choose a suitable shredder?

A: Please tell us your raw material and the capacity you need, we will recommend you the most suitable shredder.

Q: What About The Machine Installation?

A: For the Professional Wood Pallet Shredder Machine installation, we will provide you the wiring diagram, installation drawing and technical support, normally you can finish by yourself; but if you really need our technician, we will send technician to your working site as required.

Q: How About The Spare Parts?

A: We provide spare parts at cost price permanently and will give you the spare parts list when you purchase machine.

Q: Will you test the shredder machine before delivery?

A: Yes, we will test every machine and production line before delivery, and send you the working video. You also can come to us for inspection before delivery.