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What kind of materials can the double shaft shredder shred?

With the development of society, the double-shaft shredder is used by more and more enterprises. With its own advantages, the double-shaft shredder also plays a very important role in material handling. Under the action of the double-shaft shredder, various materials can be processed, and waste cars, waste tires, waste metals, etc. can be shredded, which greatly saves resources and energy.

shredder material

The double-shaft shredder has a good shredding effect, high output, and no noise. It is an ideal equipment for coarse shredding of various scrap iron and steel, scrap aluminum and aluminum alloys, oil drum color steel tiles, cans, and waste household appliances. The equipment has the characteristics of saving transportation costs, saving landfill costs, and recycling and reusing waste after crushing.

The double-shaft shredder is different from the metal shredder equipment. The metal shredder adopts hammer-type impact crushing, while the double-shaft shredder uses double guide rollers to roll and shear in opposite directions. It is mainly used to crush various metals, reducing its volume and saving space. In order to facilitate transportation and recycling, such as scrap iron and aluminum, waste furniture, waste cars and motorcycles, electronic waste, etc.

Double shaft shredder manufacturing workshop

Double-shaft shredders can generally be used to shred hard-to-break aluminum alloys, broken bridge aluminum, rubber tires, car shells, large pipes, wood, electrical components, cables, PET bottles, cardboard, circuit boards, wood, and oil drums , cans and other materials, these materials are bulky, and the processing efficiency of traditional equipment is low, but the coarse crushing effect of materials can be easily achieved through the dual-shaft shredder, which is convenient for subsequent processing of materials.

The working conditions of the cutter of the double-shaft shredder are extremely harsh, and the working intensity is high. Therefore, the surface of the cutter often has peeling, chipping, wear, etc. during the working process. Therefore, manufacturers of the double-shaft shredder require the surface of the cutter to have a high resistance Abrasiveness, but also requires high toughness to adapt to harsh working conditions.


How to recycle waste solar photovoltaic panels?

Scrapped photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic panel components such as monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, can be dismantled and recycled by solar panels, which can realize aluminum frames, tempered glass, silicon wafers, aluminum, Separate recycling of silver and copper. The method adopts a combined method of heat treatment technology and chemical method to realize waste crystalline silicon solar panel frame, glass recovery and silicon wafer separation, and valuable metal and silicon wafer recovery. It not only reduces the difficulty of recycling and processing, but also realizes the harmlessness of tail gas, prevents secondary pollution, and protects the environment; among them, the process of physical processing and crushing does not involve the environmental problems of chemical reagents and pyrolysis, conventional crushing and processing In this way, the processing of the whole process can be completed.

solar photovoltaic panel recycling equipment manufacturing workshop

The main components of photovoltaic modules are glass, frame, battery sheet, EVA film, and backplane. Among them, the main component of glass is silicon dioxide, and the secondary components are soda ash, limestone, magnesia, aluminum oxide, Glauber’s salt, carbon; EVA is mainly ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer; the main components of cells are monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. ;The main material of the frame is metal aluminum; the back plate is composed of two layers of PVF film and one layer of PET film. More than 90% of these materials can be recycled.

SUNY GROUP generally needs to go through four steps to recycle a discarded photovoltaic module:

1. To disassemble the components, remove the wire junction box;

2. It is to remove the four frames, and remove the four aluminum frame parts on the outer edge of the entire photovoltaic panel;

2. To remove glass components, the waste photovoltaic panel glass removal machine removes the outer toughened glass;

3. It is a crushing process, crushing photovoltaic panels, and taking out the metal copper and silicon materials in the components.

For waste solar panels, the double-sided glass can also be recycled and reused. The aluminum frame and junction box of the photovoltaic module are removed by physical separation, and then the frameless photovoltaic module is disassembled, and the tin-coated solder strip and glass particles are separated. The remaining parts Grinding is carried out again, and metal, silicon powder, back plate particles and EVA particles are obtained by electrostatic separation. This method obtains a mixture of different materials and realizes the full separation of single components. It has been applied and put into production in domestic and foreign markets. The current complete production line technology is mature and has reached automation.