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Waste motor crushing and sorting equipment

Motors are used everywhere, so the disposal and recycling of used motors has become an important environmental issue. Waste motors contain valuable metal materials such as copper and aluminum, so the effective recycling and utilization of these materials is crucial to the sustainable use of resources. In order to solve this problem, the development and application of waste motor crushing and classification equipment has become a practical solution.

Scrap Motor

The scrap motor crushing and sorting equipment is an advanced equipment specially designed for processing scrap motors. It mainly includes crusher, magnetic separator, vibrating screen and other components. First, the used motors are sent to the crusher for crushing. The crusher uses high-speed rotating blades to cut used motors into small pieces for subsequent processing. Next, the crushed used motors are sent to the vibrating screen for screening to separate impurities and metal materials. The vibrating screen passes through sieve holes of different sizes, allowing materials of different sizes to be classified. Finally, the metal materials are extracted from the scrap motor through a magnetic separator. Magnetic separators use magnetic fields to adsorb and separate metallic materials, making the recycling process more efficient and accurate.

Scrap motor crushing and sorting equipment offers several advantages. First, it can efficiently crush and classify used motors, improving processing efficiency and recycling rate. Secondly, by extracting metal materials from used motors, resources can be reused, reducing dependence on natural resources, which has positive significance for environmental protection. In addition, waste motor crushing and sorting equipment can also reduce the emissions of waste motors, reduce the pressure on the garbage disposal system, and effectively solve the problem of waste motor disposal.

Motor recycling site

Scrap motor crushing, sorting and recycling at customer site

In addition to the above advantages, scrap motor crushing and sorting equipment also faces some challenges and room for improvement. First of all, there are many types of used motors, and different types of motors may require different processing methods and equipment. Therefore, the development of more intelligent and adaptable equipment can better deal with various types of used motors. Secondly, impurities and pollutants in used motors are also a problem that needs to be solved. Developing more efficient and precise separation technologies can effectively reduce pollutants in used motors and improve the quality of recycled materials.

SUNY GROUP, as a professional scrap motor crushing and sorting equipment, plays an important role in processing and recycling scrap motors. It can not only improve processing efficiency and recycling rate, but also realize the reuse of resources and reduce the negative impact on the environment. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, I believe that waste motor crushing and classification equipment will receive more improvements and applications, making greater contributions to environmental protection.

Products Shredder Equipment

Knife Type Plastic Crusher

Knife Type Plastic Crusher is used to crush various wastes into small pieces. The output size of the crusher is easy to adjust by changing its screen sieve.


Raw material

Raw material

1.All kinds of hollow containers: plastic beverage cans, plastic buckets, iron drums, packingboxes, packing drums.

2.Used household appliances: TV, washing machine, refrigerator shell.

3.Pipe material: large pipe, pipe fitting and PE pipe.

4. Used templates: wooden pallets, plastic pallets and forklifts.

5.Used tires: car tires, truck tires.

6.Scrap metal: automobile housing, aluminum alloy, scrap cast aluminum parts, enginehousing, lead and steel plates with thickness below 5mm.

7.Cooking garbage, living garbage,RDF derivative, medical waste, biological orange pole,garden garbage.

8.Glue head material, paper mill rope.


Knife crusher structure

1.Shaft, moving blades, fixed blades, reducer, motors, feeding hopper, discharge port, electriccontrol cabinet, control panel, screen, roller, knives holder, ect.

2.After shreddering, the dimension of most large plastic or other material will reduce 30%,some material dimenison after shreddering can up to 50%. (We have arranged many videos.Please contact us freely if you need.)


1.Step-shearing style cutter can resolve the force bored by cuttings, and increase the force of cutting greatly. Blade quality have 9CrSi,Cr12MoV, SKD-II, D2 etc.Can be customized according to customer.

2.The crushing room use noise arrester, to lower noise. Crushing room materials is high quality steel, rigid reasonable and durable.

3.Lockable screen support frame: Robust frame to support the screen maintains the screen shape and avoids damage to the screen. Convenient screen replacement.

4.The aperture of the mesh is able to control the size of the output material. Special screen can be designed according to the type of your raw materials.

5.Button control, easy to operate, setup,stop,reverse, overload protection and other functions.

6.Robust welded hopper with additional support struts to increase strength of hopper and prolong service life.The feed inlet is provided with a protective device for increasing safety.


Our crusher has several models, and the following are the conventional models. For special bar-rels and pipes, we have special customized models. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Model 600 800 1000 1200
Feed inlet size 600*320mm 820*600mm 1020*650mm 1200*1000mm
Rotating diameter φ270 φ420 φ420 φ700
Power 15KW 37kw 45KW 55Kw
Rotation speed 380 r/min 480 r/min 480 r/min 380 r/min
Voltage 3380V 50HZ 3380V 50Hz 3380V 50Hz 3380V 50HZ
size 1150*1500*1600mm 1600*1680*2080mm 2000*1800*2400mm 3000*1800*4000mm
Weight 660kg 2300kg 3500kg 6000kg

Our crusher has many models.According to material size anddischarge size.Recommend different equipment models.Please contact us for details.




Products Shredder Equipment

Single Shaft Plastic Shredder

The single-shaft shredder developed and manufactured by SUNY GROUP is strong and durable. Suitable for recycling various large solid materials, difficult-to-handle materials, plastic containers, plastic barrels, and plastic pads. The shredded particles can be as small as 20mm according to different needs. And various feeding hoppers can be provided according to customer needs. This equipment has low-speed rotary cutter, low noise and is more energy-saving.


Raw Materials of Our Plastic Pipe Shredding Waste Cable Single Shaft Shredder Machine for Recycle Plastic bottles, Cardboard. Woven bags. Plastic lumps like PP. PE, PET. PC. ABS. Nylon, Plastic pipes. Film. Plastic moulds,textiles. Woven bags, Electronic Waste. Cable, Aluminum cans, Paper,Wood. Sponge, foam, etc.

Applicable materials

Applicable materials


Plastic Pipe Shredding Waste Cable Single Shaft Shredder Machine for Recycle consists of a knife disc and a static knife to complete shredding material. Cutter is composed of a base shaft and several shape quadrilateral knife block.



Single shaft shredder consists of a knife disc and a static knife to complete shredding material. Cutter is composed of a base shaft and several shape quadrilateral knife block.

The knife block has 4 blades, can be replacing the use of. The knife block along the axis of the base is in multiple rows into type V, and fixed with screws in the radical axis, rotated with the based shaft together, finally comprise a knife disc. The two static knife is fixed on the machine frame. The material is sent to the cutter by the horizontal hydraulic cylinder. The speed is stable and adjustable, and the propulsive force is large and uniform. It is applicable to the recovery of a variety of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, irregular plastic containers and plastic barrels, tubes, films, fibers, paper etc. Spindle speed is 45 ~ 100 rpm/min, which has stable work and low noise.



Model XR600S XR600 XR800S
Power (kw) 18.5 22 30
Hydraulic power (kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2
Shaft diameter (mm) 220 350 350
Feeding mouth 600*700 600*1100 800*1100
Rotary blades 24 pcs 34 pcs 46 pcs
Fixed blades 1set 1set 2sets
Journey (mm) 620mm 670mm 820mm
Speed 85rpm 75rpm 85rpm
Mesh size (mm) 35-40mm 35-40mm 35-40mm
Capacity (kg/h) 300-500 500-700 700-800
Weight: (kg) 1550kg 2000kg 2800kg
Dimension (L*W*H mm) 1700*1130*1780 1865*1420*1800 2470*1420*2000


1. The above machine is our standard configuratoin, but for different raw materials, it is different machine configuration, so please contact us about your raw materials;

2. The machine voltage can be customized.




Single-shaft shredder is a common industrial equipment used to shred and crush waste, plastic, paper, wood and other materials. Here are some common questions about single-shaft shredders:

Equipment clogging: If the material is too large or too viscous, it may cause the single-shaft shredder to become clogged. At this time, the equipment needs to be stopped and the blockage cleared to restore normal operation.

Blade wear: The blades of single-shaft shredders may wear out after long-term use, affecting the shredding effect. The condition of the blades needs to be checked regularly and replaced as necessary.

Motor overload: If the material processed by the single-shaft shredder is too hard or too dense, it may cause the motor to be overloaded. At this time, the equipment should be stopped, the properties of the materials should be checked, and operating parameters should be adjusted appropriately to avoid overloading.

Noise problem: The single-shaft shredder will produce noise during operation, which may cause interference to the working environment and surrounding people. Some soundproofing measures can be taken, such as installing soundproof enclosures or adjusting the location of equipment, to reduce noise.

Single shaft shredder

Safety issues: Pay attention to safety when operating a single-shaft shredder and avoid bringing hands or other body parts close to the blade area. Safety devices and personal protective equipment should be used correctly to ensure work safety.

Maintenance: Single-shaft shredders require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Including cleaning blades, lubricating bearings, checking transmission systems, etc.

Selection and Configuration: Different materials and handling needs may require different types and sizes of single-shaft shredders. When purchasing equipment, you need to choose the appropriate model and configuration based on actual needs.

For the above problems, if the user cannot solve the problem or needs more help, it is recommended to contact us directly to obtain professional support and advice.