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The Working Principle And Advantages Of Rubber And Plastic Mill

The rubber and plastic mill is a relatively good product among all kinds of mills on the market. It can automatically feed materials, automatically transport, toner, filter, dust, etc. At the same time, it can handle rubber tires and can operate continuously. , compared to before, it has the characteristics of large output and low labor intensity. He can smash and process all kinds of waste rubber materials, such as bicycle tires, insoles, and other rubber scraps, and the reprocessing process is based on the principle of continuous grinding and shearing under high-pressure operations. The temperature during pulverization can be reasonably controlled. At the same time, it can also ensure the quality of plastic powder. The fineness of the pulverized plastic powder is about 5-100 mesh. Basically, each set of rubber and plastic pulverizers can produce two tons of rubber powder per day.

Rubber Powder

The rubber and plastic mill is composed of motor frame, cold water cooling, crushing host and so on. The basic principle of its operation is that through the relative movement of the two grinding discs in the machine, the material can be effectively cut and ground to achieve the purpose of pulverization. Cold water can provide a cooling effect to the whole work, which can ensure the quality of the product.

The advantages of rubber and plastic mill:

The output can be doubled, electricity can be saved due to the special blade, the floor space is small, only 5 to 6 square meters, the noise is about 80 decibels, the adjustment accuracy of the blade is about 0.02mm, and a set of blades can be repaired and used 6 to 8 times, the temperature rises slowly, it can operate continuously for 24 hours, the equipment is fully automatic, the operation is simple, and the quality of the output plastic powder is also acceptable. Joining the PLC system, the entire operation process is neat and tidy.

The above is the working principle and advantages of the rubber and plastic mill.