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Copper Extraction Recycling Machine from Waste Cables

Time: July 11, 2024

Extracting copper from scrap cables is an essential process in the recycling industry, to recover valuable copper while minimizing the impact on the environment. Copper is a very valuable material because of its excellent electrical conductivity and is widely used in electrical and electronic applications. This paper describes the techniques and equipment used to extract and recover copper from scrap cables.

Copper extraction and recovery machines are designed to efficiently separate copper from insulation and other materials in scrap cables. The process typically involves several stages, each using specialized equipment to ensure maximum copper recovery while minimizing environmental impact.

Key components and processes

1. Pulverization

The first stage is to pulverize the scrap cable into small pieces. Pulverizers equipped with sharp blades cut the cable into manageable sizes for further processing.

Copper Extraction Recycling Machine from Waste Cables

Copper Extraction Recycling Machine from Waste Cables

2. Pelletizing

After pulverization, the material is fed into a granulator to further reduce the size of the cable fragments. The granulator breaks the material into small particles and separates the copper from the plastic insulation.

3. Separation

The separated particles are then subjected to a separation process that isolates the copper from the rest of the material. Common separation techniques include:

Air separation: using an air stream to separate the lighter plastic particles from the heavier copper particles.

Vibratory separation: using vibrating screens to sort materials based on size and density.

Electrostatic separation: using an electrical charge to separate conductive copper from non-conductive materials.

4. Dust removal

Dust and fine particles are generated during the crushing and pelletizing process. An efficient dust removal system ensures a clean working environment and prevents the release of potentially harmful particles into the air.

Benefits of using Copper Extraction Recycling Machine

1. High efficiency

These machines are designed for high throughput and can process large quantities of scrap cable quickly and efficiently.

4. Cost-effective

Automating the copper extraction process reduces labor costs and increases the overall profitability of the recycling operation.

Copper extraction recovery machines play a vital role in the recycling industry, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for recovering valuable copper from scrap cable. By utilizing advanced technology and automated processes, these machines ensure high recovery rates and contribute to sustainable resource management.