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How To Turn Waste Circuit Boards Into Treasures?

Time: August 15, 2022

Waste circuit board electronic waste is relatively common in our daily life. If it is discarded at will, it will not only waste resources, but also have a great impact on the environment. So what if you turn waste circuit boards into treasures?

In this regard, SUNY GROUP has developed and manufactured a high-efficiency production line for the recycling of waste circuit boards. Through the waste circuit board recycling production line, it can be finally converted into resin powder and metal powder for recycling again.

Environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment refers to the equipment that separates metals and non-metals by crushing, separating and sorting various waste circuit boards, mobile phone motherboards, etc., and then recycling them. Circuit boards contain a variety of metals, most of which are copper, in addition to gold, aluminum, nickel, lead, silicon, etc., among which there are many rare metals. After the circuit board is broken, the metal recovery rate can be as high as 99% or more through the dual separation process of airflow specific gravity separation and electrostatic separation.

The specific process of waste circuit board crushing and recycling is as follows:

1. The circuit board is sent to the shredding and crushing machine by the conveyor, and the circuit board is shredded to 3-5 cm, and then directly falls into the crusher. The crushed particles reach 1-2 cm, and then sent by the feeding screw. Enter the three-stage pulverizer for grinding. The pulverizer is an integrated water-cooled pulverizer. Grinding is carried out under the normal temperature of the machine, and the mesh number reaches 50-80 mesh. The pulverizer comes with a grading and screening machine. In the grinding process, the circuit board powder that reaches the required mesh number enters the next link, and cannot meet the required recirculation.

2. The 50-80 mesh circuit board powder enters the next stage of the air-driven specific gravity separator, and the primary separation is carried out according to the specific gravity of the copper powder and the resin fiber powder, and about 70% of the metal powder can be separated. The powder separated by the specific gravity separator and the upper ventilation The pumped powder enters the pulse dust collector, and the powder discharged from the pulse dust collector contains a small amount of copper powder, which is then sent to the high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment by the wind feeder for the subsequent separation.

3. Manually place the PCB light board on the belt conveyor and send it to the two-stage crusher for crushing into granules, and then go through three-stage grinding, wind classification, gravity classification, sieving classification and high-voltage electrostatic sorting machine sorting, etc. In the link, the copper and non-metal in the PCB are separated and recycled. The dust and odor generated by the PCB electrical sorting system are collected, dedusted and deodorized and then discharged up to the standard.

The above is the relevant introduction about how waste circuit boards can be turned into treasures. SUNY GROUP, as a professional manufacturer of electronic waste recycling equipment for waste circuit boards, can customize production according to the different needs of customers. At present, customers are located in India, Vietnam, and Japan. , Europe and the United States and other places, if you need, please feel free to contact us for consultation.