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How To Maintain And Maintain The Main Shaft Bearing Of Double Shaft Shredder Equipment?

Time: August 10, 2022

The dual-shaft shredder has high working intensity and harsh operating environment. The main shaft of the equipment, the blade of the shredder, and the bearing of the main shaft are all faced with high-load operations. The maintenance work of the shredder bearing is introduced today.

Why should the bearing be regularly maintained?

Double shaft shredder cutter shaft

Double shaft shredder cutter shaft

1. Bearing maintenance has the effect of cooling and heat dissipation.

Prevent the shredder spindle from increasing the temperature of the parts due to frictional heat generation, resulting in aggravated adhesive wear and corrosion wear, reducing work efficiency and causing damage to the spindle.

2. Sealing protection.

The lubricating grease of the bearing can effectively isolate the moisture, oxygen and harmful medium erosion in the humid air, and can also prevent water, dust and impurities from invading friction.

3. Effectively reduce friction and wear.

Since the bearing lubricating film can reduce the friction factor between the two moving parts, it will reduce the wear consumption of the parts, thereby prolonging the life of the dual-shaft shredder, reducing power consumption and improving the operating characteristics of the equipment.

Inspection and maintenance of the main shaft bearing of the double-shaft shredder

Double Shaft Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder

1. Clean the floating coal and sundries around the bearing chamber of the main shaft every shift every day. When cleaning the bearings, the site should be cleaned to ensure a clean environment and prevent secondary pollution of the bearings.

2. Check the heating and wear of the bearing from time to time, determine whether the bearing is in good condition and whether it is worn, regularly add lubricating grease, and replace the oil seal;

3. If the bearing has abnormal noise or heat due to wear, it is necessary to replace the bearing, clean the bearing chamber, replace the new bearing, add lubricating grease, replace the oil seal, and then assemble, restore and install.

Installation steps of the main shaft bearing of the dual-shaft shredder

1. Before installing the bearing, the bearing chamber and inner oil should be sealed on the main shaft;

2. Before installing the bearing, check whether the bearing is rusted and whether the rotation is flexible. If there is, clean it with diesel oil or kerosene;

3. Before installing the bearing, the bearing oil bath should be heated, and the bearing should be heated and then installed on the shaft. During the installation process, the end face of the bearing should not be directly hit with tools such as a hammer to avoid damage to the bearing;

4. After the bearing is installed, put the bearing on the main shaft, and seal the transparent cover and outer oil after installation.

5. After the bearing is installed, the double-shaft shredder is started, and it should run idly for 30 minutes to check the operation of the equipment.