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Technical principle and maintenance of paper-plastic separator

Time: February 7, 2023

The working principle of the paper-plastic separator is that the drive shaft drives the chassis and the rubbing rotor to rotate strongly. The slurry moves from top to bottom along the rotor surface, and then is thrown from the lower part of the rotor to the groove wall, and is subjected to the strong movement of the cutter head again along the groove wall. The high-strength eddy current kneading cycle generated in the process makes all kinds of paper plastics flip up and down in the machine and rotate in the circumferential direction. The pulp is fully disintegrated into fibers and moistened to avoid cutting and damaging the fibers, and flows out from the pulp outlet under the sieve plate. Impurities such as plastic sheets, back-adhesive sheets, and plastic films are less broken (no debris will be formed), and they are discharged from the slag outlet next to the tank, so that the film and plastic are completely separated from the fibers.

Technical principle of paper-plastic separator

Technical principle of paper-plastic separator

Special features of paper-plastic separator:

1. High-strength eddy current and strong pulping effect are generated during work, which promotes full swelling, loosening and dispersion of various paper fibers into single fibers, avoiding excessive cutting, damage, and affecting fiber length and strength. Effectively avoid the breaking of light impurities such as plastic sheets and back film, so as to facilitate screening and removal.

2. Under the condition of medium concentration (4-12%), the fibers rub against each other, extrude, and knead strongly, so that various diaphragms and fibers are separated. At the same time, the viscosity of the pulp suspension is low, the fluidity is strong, and the fibers absorb water and moisten. , become soft and plastic, which is conducive to improving the quality of paper.

Operation and maintenance of paper-plastic separator:

1. Close the slag discharge valve, fill the tank with clean water to 1/3 height, and check whether there is any leakage in the slurry system pipeline. Start the motor, check whether the direction of rotation of the impeller is correct, and pay attention to whether the equipment is running normally.

2. When the equipment is operating normally, it can feed materials. Feeding is based on the principle of uniformity, and the concentration is properly controlled.

3. The raw materials containing coarse impurities and metal impurities should be cleaned up to avoid damage to the equipment.

4. Bearings and lubricating oil circuits should be checked frequently, and oil should be added at least once a month.