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Recycling electric vehicle Li-Ion batteries plant

Time: March 17, 2023

Power battery refers to a battery with large electric energy capacity and output power, which can be equipped with power supply for electric bicycles, electric vehicles, electric equipment and tools. With the vigorous development of new energy electric vehicles, the power battery market has shown a trend of rapid growth; at the same time, the amount of scrapped power batteries is increasing, and the recycling of scrapped power batteries has become an important factor affecting the development of the power battery industry.

Lithium battery recycling production line customer site

Therefore, before recycling the copper and aluminum materials in waste batteries, it is necessary to carry out preliminary pre-treatment of waste batteries. The pre-treatment includes: 1) screening hard shell batteries and soft shell batteries, 2) fully crushing batteries, 3) purifying broken batteries 4) recycle the black powder in the battery.

A device and process for the pre-treatment of waste batteries, the device includes conveying equipment, crushers, dryers, waste gas treatment equipment and black powder recycling equipment, the conveying equipment includes a two-way conveyor that can change the conveying direction, and the two-way conveying The machine separates the hard-shell battery and the soft-shell battery, and transports them to different crushers for crushing, so that they can be differentiated according to the type of battery. For example, the hard-shell battery is preferably crushed with a double-shaft crusher first, and the soft-shell battery It is preferred to use a frequency conversion high-speed crusher for crushing treatment.

The waste gas treatment equipment includes spray tower, UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment and a row of fans. The waste gas and waste liquid generated by the crusher and dryer pass through the pipeline in turn to spray the tower, UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment and a row of fans, and discharge The exhaust gas is purified, and then discharged into the air after silencer treatment.

The copper and aluminum materials in the battery are crushed twice in the early stage of recycling, and the crushed battery is screened out by a cyclone collector to screen out the mixture of copper and aluminum particles and the waste gas containing the mixture of black powder. Under the action of pressure and suction, it enters the second cyclone collector, the exhaust end of the third crusher is connected to the second cyclone collector through pipelines, and the discharge end of the second cyclone collector recovers black powder, and the second cyclone collector The exhaust gas is purified through the bag filter, activated carbon adsorption tower and second exhaust fan in sequence.