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Photovoltaic panels recycling unit – How to recycle old photovoltaic panels

Time: April 12, 2024

As an important part of renewable energy, photovoltaic panels play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. However, with the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, the recycling and treatment of waste PV panels has gradually become an urgent problem to be solved.

Photovoltaic panel recycling equipment refers to the mechanical device specially used for the treatment of waste photovoltaic panels, and its main function is to separate and recycle various materials in photovoltaic panels in order to realize the reuse of resources. The application of PV panel recycling equipment can effectively reduce the pollution of PV panels to the environment, improve the utilization rate of resources, and promote the sustainable development of the PV industry.

Photovoltaic panels recycling unit

Photovoltaic panels recycling unit

PV panel recycling equipment mainly includes the following categories:

Dismantling machine: dismantle and recycle the used PV panel bezel and power box.

De-glassing machine: Remove the glass on top of the waste PV panels.

Crushing and grinding machine: Crush the waste PV panels into small pieces and grind them for subsequent processing.

Sorting machine: After grinding the waste PV panels, the metal and non-metal inside are separated and recycled by airflow sieve, electrostatic sorting machine, and other equipment.

PV panel recycling equipment can be applied in the following fields:

Decommissioning of photovoltaic power plants: The operating life of a photovoltaic power plant is usually 25-30 years, and it needs to be dismantled and recycled after decommissioning. PV panel recycling equipment can effectively deal with decommissioned PV panels and reuse the materials therein.

PV panel production process waste disposal: The PV panel production process will produce a certain amount of waste, such as broken cells, edges, corners, etc. PV panel recycling equipment can be recycled to reduce the waste of resources.

Disposal of waste PV panels from other sources: PV panels may be damaged due to accidents, natural disasters, etc., and also need to be recycled.

Future Development Trends of PV Panel Recycling Equipment:

With the continuous development of the PV industry, PV panel recycling equipment will also usher in broader development prospects. The future of PV panel recycling equipment will be developed in the following directions:

A higher degree of automation: improve the degree of automation of the equipment, reduce manual operation, and reduce production costs.

Higher recovery rate: continuously improve the equipment technology, improve the recovery rate, and maximize the recovery of photovoltaic panels in a variety of materials.

Stronger environmental protection: reduce the energy consumption and emissions of the equipment, and reduce the impact on the environment.

PV panel recycling equipment is an important part of the sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry, SUNY GROUP as a professional solid waste recycling equipment manufacturer, in the end-of-life photovoltaic panels have a perfect recycling device, can provide customers with a reliable recycling program, if you need, please feel free to contact us for advice.