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Lithium Battery Recycling Plant Features

Time: June 14, 2022

Waste lithium ion battery crushing equipment includes shredding and shredding process, shredding the scrapped power lithium battery and lithium ion battery, shredding the raw materials into flakes, separating the lithium ion battery casing and the positive and negative materials, It is suitable for users who recycle waste lithium batteries and lithium ion batteries into production.

Lithium Battery Recycling Plant

Lithium Battery Recycling Plant

Lithium battery recycling plant features:

1. The waste lithium-ion battery is made of high-strength, high-hardness material, and the surface is made of high-wear-resistant material, which reduces the maintenance cost of the tool.

2. The equipment is equipped with a complete conveying system, which saves manpower and has a high degree of automation.

3. High shredding efficiency and large production capacity.

The waste lithium-ion battery crushing equipment is mainly used for the crushing of waste lithium-ion batteries for subsequent screening and recycling. It is composed of a lithium battery crusher, the middle part is composed of conveying and magnetic separation, and the waste lithium battery is crushed and separated more fully without polluting the environment.