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How To Recycle Electronic Waste?

Time: July 4, 2022

With the widespread use of computer and mobile phones, a large number of waste computer and mobile phones are produced every year. This electronic waste contains a lot of metals, so the value of recycling is very large. So how can waste computer and mobile phones be effectively recycled?

First, the collected waste computers and mobile phones need to be sorted and disassembled, such as shells, display screens, circuit boards, cup chips, etc., to facilitate the next step of recycling.

Secondly, some large pieces, such as shells, are crushed, and then processed and recycled in the next step.

E-Waste Recycling Process

E-Waste Recycling Process

Then, for the waste circuit boards obtained by dismantling, the electronic components on the circuit board and the motherboard of the circuit board are separated by a special circuit board disassembly machine. Gold, silver, palladium, etc., have high economic value, but the quantity is relatively rare.

The last is the treatment of the waste circuit board motherboard. Through a series of processes such as crushing, pulverization, grinding, and electrostatic sorting, metal powder and resin powder are finally obtained. The recycling of e-waste has always been an important part of e-waste recycling.

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