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Fully automatic recycling and processing waste circuit board production line

Time: October 7, 2022

A new type of waste circuit board recycling process and equipment with strong applicability and high environmental protection. The production line is a fully automatic production line, using advanced physical method recycling technology, which can effectively treat all kinds of waste printed circuit boards and processing waste. Mechanical crushing and recycling of electrical appliances, etc., the metal recovery rate is high, and the purity of the recovered metal is as high as 98%.

recycling and processing waste circuit board production line

recycling and processing waste circuit board production line

The waste printed circuit board is a mixture of glass fiber reinforced grease and various metals, which is a typical electronic waste. The metal grade in the circuit board is equivalent to tens to hundreds of metal grades in ordinary minerals, and the metal content is high. Reaching 40%, the most is copper, in addition to gold. Aluminum. Nickel. Lead. If it is not properly handled and disposed of, it will not only cause a large loss of useful resources, but also contain a large number of teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic substances such as cadmium brominated flame retardants, which will cause serious damage to the environment and human health. This paper introduces a fully automatic recycling and processing waste circuit board production line with high environmental protection and high efficiency suitable for my country’s national conditions.

The circuit board recycling production line is mainly composed of conveyor, primary crusher, secondary crusher, magnetic separator, pulverizer, sorting machine and other auxiliary equipment. After the waste circuit boards are manually dismantled, the harmful electrical components such as batteries, transformers, etc. and reusable parts are removed, and the remaining parts are sent to the primary crusher by the scraper conveyor to crush the materials to less than 20mm. , and then sent to the secondary crusher to crush the material to less than 5mm, the iron-containing material is separated by the magnetic separator, and the remaining material is crushed to a powder of about 2mm by the crusher, so that the copper in the multi-layer machine board can be separated. , The light dust is separated first by air selection, and the material with larger specific gravity is sent to the electrostatic separator to separate and recover about 20% of non-ferrous metals (copper, etc.).