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Double shaft scrap metal shredder

Time: June 12, 2024

In the scrap metal recycling and processing industry, a double-shaft scrap metal shredder is a very important piece of equipment that can efficiently process all kinds of scrap metal materials. It consists of several components, including a motor, gearbox, feed hopper, shredding blades, shaft, base frame, and control box. The number and width of the shredder’s blades determine the size of the final material to be processed.

Twin-shaft scrap metal shredder has the following significant features that make it highly favored:

Customized design: personalized according to user requirements to ensure that specific needs are met.

Low speed and high torque: low noise during operation and compact structure of the equipment, providing a better working environment.

Double shaft scrap metal shredder

Double shaft scrap metal shredder

Blades made of special materials: The blades made of wear-resistant materials have a long service life and high utilization rate, and it is very easy to replace the blades.

Overload protection: when an overload occurs in the shredder or when there is a foreign object in the cutting unit, the rotor will automatically stop and reverse to avoid overfeeding and prevent damage.

According to different models, the twin-shaft scrap metal shredder has different technical parameters. For example:

ZY-SS 1000: the motor power is 30*2 kW, the processing capacity is 1-2 tons/hour, the number of blades is 40, and the diameter of the blades is 400 mm.

ZY-SS 1200: the motor power is 45*2 kW, the processing capacity is 13-15 tons/hour, the number of blades is 40, and the diameter of the blades is 400 mm.

Twin Shaft Scrap Metal Shredders are widely used to process all kinds of scrap metals, such as aluminum can bundles, steel drums, car shells, colored steel tiles, copper and aluminum radiators, bicycles, steel wire ropes, automobile engines, waste cable wires, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum alloys, and metal drums.

These twin-shaft scrap metal shredders play an important role in the scrap metal recycling industry due to their high efficiency, durability, and environmentally friendly features. With the continuous advancement of technology, these machines will continue to improve the efficiency and quality of scrap metal processing. SUNY GROUP has rich experience and advanced technical support in solid waste processing with Twin Shaft Shredder. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with consulting services.