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Copper wire recycling processing machines

Time: July 2, 2024

Copper wire recycling processing machinery is a kind of equipment specially used for recycling waste cables. Through efficient processing, it can separate and recycle materials such as metals and plastics in waste cables, to realize resource reuse. This article will introduce the relevant technologies and equipment of cable wire recycling processing machinery, as well as its important role in the field of environmental protection.

Cable wire recycling processing machinery usually includes the following main steps:

Copper wire recycling processing machines

Copper wire recycling processing machines

a) Cutting and crushing: The waste cables are first cut into smaller lengths and then crushed by crushers for better subsequent processing.

b) Gravity sorting: The crushed cable wire materials are placed in a vibrating screen or gravity sorter, and the gravity difference of the materials is used to separate metals and plastics.

c) Magnetic sorting: Magnetic sorting equipment such as magnetic separators are used to separate the metal parts containing iron materials from other non-magnetic materials.

d) Electrostatic sorting: Different types of materials such as metals and plastics are further separated through electrostatic sorting technology.

e) Final recycling: The separated metals and plastics are reprocessed so that they can be put into new production processes. Application of Cable Recycling Machinery

Cable recycling machinery is widely used in the recycling process of waste cables. They can process cables of various types and specifications, including communication cables, power cables, data cables, etc. The high efficiency and automation of these mechanical equipment greatly improve recycling efficiency and resource utilization. If you are interested in waste copper wire recycling equipment, please feel free to contact us for consultation.