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Compact and powerful mini double-shaft shredder

Time: November 2, 2023

Small double-shaft shredders offer the best balance of power, efficiency and economy when handling small to medium-sized shredding applications. Designed for versatile material shredding capabilities while requiring minimal space, the Mini double Shaft Shredder is a cutting-edge solution for small-scale operations.

How does it work?

This industrial shredder uses two parallel shafts equipped with hardened hexagonal blades that mesh to tear and grind materials. The sturdy blades provide tremendous crushing power, effectively reducing the size of the material fed into the machine.

The compact shredder is equipped with an automatic hydraulic system to manipulate the gap between the rotating shafts. This allows the space between the blade rotors to be adjusted for different material sizes. High-torque motors drive the shaft at optimal speeds depending on the required material hardness and throughput.

Materials are continuously fed into a central hopper where they move towards the roller cutter. The powerful rotation of the blades tears the material into smaller pieces, which are continually shredded until they can pass through the screen surrounding the shredder. Oversized pieces are shredded repeatedly until the desired output size is reached.

mini double-shaft shredder

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Key features and benefits:

1. Low power consumption, about 4-30kW.

2. Depending on the material type, 320-1500 kg of material can be shredded per hour.

3. The minimum feeding particle size is 20mm, and the discharging particle size is adjustable from 5-50mm.

4. Suitable for crushing plastic, rubber, wood, paper, light metal, etc.

5. Compact size, small footprint, about 1-2 square meters.

6. Low-noise operation reduces the impact on the environment.

7. Hardened steel blades have a long service life.

8. Easy to operate and low maintenance requirements.

9. Protective safety features such as emergency stop buttons.

Mini double-shaft shredder developed by SUNY GROUP With its sturdy structure, high crushing capacity and affordable cost, the mini double-shaft shredder can effectively reduce material size for municipalities, recycling facilities and small businesses. Investing in this compact shredder will help drive profitability for your waste management and recycling business while saving space.